Below is a list of the places you would like to visit in

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Part III – Suns of Ego (Inspired by A Course in Miracles (ACIM))

I devote a lot of attention to exposing the ego, most of it on my
The idea of the Sun of God (changed from “Son of God” to eliminate gender distraction) is very
Ego is an illusion that God’s Sun manifested with an errant
This errant thought is completely isolated from the mind of God; for it is not possible for God to know
In this tiny fragment of errant thought the Sun of God dreams the dream of time and physical reality, ego’s
Ego’s first sun, is individuality, born not out of love, but out of
Another of ego’s suns is judgment, born out of ego’s desire to sow
Yet another of ego’s suns is competition, born out of ego’s need to ensure inequality, which ensures that there are winners and losers, which ensures that there will always be conflict and war, which ensures death and destruction, which ensures that ego’s reality is indeed perceived as
There is no limit to ego’s
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