are very proud of our five star hand therapy program and

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Both Demetriou and Marder are seasoned therapists, with many years of experience within the Bay Shore and Merrick patient communities on Long Island. All Professional Hand Therapy locations provide patients with the highest quality care, using state of the art equipment and therapeutic interventions.are very proud of our five star hand therapy program and excited to be bringing our expertise to the Merrick and Bay Shore communities, said Rob Wilutis, Director of Occupational and Hand Therapy at Professional Physical Therapy. Look forward to continuing to grow our best in class hand therapy care, as well as providing exceptional hand therapy experiences to our patients.

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Are aware of circulating social media posts regarding a of Rage protest event scheduled for this evening, Friday, July 15. The department has been aware of this event for some time. The of Rage event is a yearly event held in most major cities across the country.

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