And I know someone will vomit, just to annoy me

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This is actually a outlet moncler hug of love. If the middle one was holding him, we would have to keep a closer eye on things. Nathan has taken piumini moncler uomo to giving his baby brother Mason huge hugs piumini moncler that knock the wind out of him. I have taken to moncler outlet carrying the baby everywhere and never putting him down. You know those parents that say crazy things like “Billy loves his brother soooo much” and then you look over and wonder, if only for a second, if moncler saldi Billy has murder on his moncler donna mind?

That would not be me. I’m not that parent. I know that my second born is extremely annoyed at the entrance moncler bambino outlet of his brother. It’s not that he was moncler bambino saldi particularly clingy before Mason was born, but Nathan is definitely irritated now by the fact that I am irritated all the time. I can piumini moncler outlet tell it is my fault. If I stop screaming for even a second, everyone is cheery. I am just getting tired of pulling people off of the top of the moncler outlet trebaseleghe fridge or out of the like it moncler outlet baking cabinet.

No, wait. I don’t want to clean up that mess. And I know someone will vomit, just to annoy me. Can’t you keep that baking soda down, for heaven’s sake? And the milk pouring? I feel like I need to take this kid to Montessori. Age appropriate, developmentally appropriate, blah, blah, blah. I don’t care if he pours his milk. It’s piumini moncler saldi the $4.50 worth of milk on the floor that annoys me.

I know. What was I thinking going to the bathroom again? Tomorrow I’ll be instituting liquid holdback/forced dehydration or piumini moncler scontatissimi I could always get a catheter.

This post could also be moncler outlet online uomo filed under “things moncler saldi outlet you never thought would come out of moncler outlet serravalle your mouth in your lifetime.” So fess up. If you have more than one, did you delusionally think your older child was in love with the younger? It’s okay, this is a safe place to confess. I promise not to point and laugh.

We also want to remind everyone about moncler saldi uomo the transition to Digital TV that happens on June 12. goes to snow on the 12th. : )

“Who tried to push this bar of soap down moncler outlet online shop the drain?”

“Why is there potting soil in the pasta collander in the sink? How am I going to drain the pasta for lunch in a minute?”

“I left you for three minutes to take a moncler uomo shower. Why is your brother in a completely different outfit?”.