[9] In 1997, she released the most successful single of her

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replica hermes Released in 1996, Falling into You featured the US, Canadian and Australian chart topping single “Because You Loved Me”, which has sold over two million copies in the US alone and is Dion’s biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit.[9][21] Other successful singles from the album included “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” and “All by Myself”, which both reached the top five on the Billboard Hot 100. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” became Dion’s third platinum single in the US, with sales of 1.6 million copies.[9] In 1997, she released the most successful single of her career, “My Heart Will Go On”.[22] Serving as the love theme to the 1997 blockbuster motion picture, Titanic (also included on Let’s Talk About Love), the single topped the charts across the world, and became Dion’s signature song.[23] “My Heart Will Go On” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, and it gave Dion two additional Grammy Awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and the most coveted Replica Hermes birkin Record of the Year.[24] “My Heart Will Go On” was certified diamond, multi platinum and gold around the world. It remains Dion’s highest seller and one of the best selling singles of all time, with global sales of over fifteen million copies, including two million in Germany, 1.8 million in the US, 1.5 million in the UK, and 1.2 million units in France.[9][10][16][25] With “Think Twice” and “My Heart Will Go On”, Dion became the first female artist with two million selling singles in the UK.[26][27] She is also one of the biggest selling female singles artists of all time in the UK.[28] replica hermes

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