[12] Immediately following this announcement

During this time period, Sytch appeared at the New Jersey based NWA Cyberspace promotion. Soon after Sytch’s departure from NWA Cyberspace, the New Jersey based National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) became her new primary wrestling promotion. She appeared on a handful the promotion’s shows in the summer, and on June 3, 2006, she managed Lex Luger to victory over Johnny Candido. Prior to the bout, a presentation was held from The Manasquan Elks Lodge to the Chris Candido Memorial Fund. The Elks Lodge donated $500 to the fund, with the money being used towards a scholarship for a Manasquan High School student. In spite of the prior ruling, Sytch returned to NWA Shockwave (formerly NWA Cyberspace) in 2006 as a featured headliner. On December 1, 2006, Sytch was appointed the new commissioner of NWA Shockwave.[12] Immediately following this announcement, Sytch declared all Shockwave championship titles vacant and informed fans that new Heavyweight and Internet Champions would be crowned on January 13.

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