journey from homelessness

After experiencing homelessness earlier in his life, a Fredericton rapper is looking to give back to the people who helped him and help others along the way.

Eric Claybourne, also known by his stage name Ceeb Dread, getcanadagooseoutlet knows what it’s like to live in poverty.

“After getting off the street, I realized people are Canada Goose Online still hungry, it’s not just the homeless so it’s important for me to give back to the canada goose black friday sale soup cheap Canada Goose kitchen to feed people who are less fortunate.”

Living on the streets

Claybourne Canada Goose Parka said the canada goose clearance time he spent living on the street and in shelters was rough, even though he uk canada goose tried to see the uk canada goose outlet positives.

“I try to take everything as it comes, but when you haven’t got anything or any hope, it’s slightly harder,” said Claybourne.

“You get depressed and you think about maybe you’re not even necessarily visible to Canada Goose online the rest canada goose uk shop of society.”

Claybourne said living buy canada goose jacket in that situation makes canada goose uk black friday a person more connected to people going through hardships.

“I really feel strongly for anybody struggling,” he said. “I know cheap canada goose uk exactly what they’re going through and I feel canada goose coats for them.”

Began with open mic night

Claybourne credits hip hop with saving his life.

When he first moved to Fredericton, and was living at the shelter, he saw an ad canada goose clearance sale for an open mic night at the Capital Complex in Fredericton’s tannery district.

The only problem was the time.

In order Canada Goose sale to participate, Claybourne would have to give up his bed at the shelter for the night.

Luckily for Claybourne, he found a helping hand.

“There was a DJ named DJ Scout who, every Wednesday, used to let me sleep on his couch.”

DJ Scout, whose real name is Jody Wagstaff, now lives in Halifax canada goose factory sale and runs Kamphyre Creative, a performing arts studio in the Canada Goose Jackets city. He still remembers the first time he met Claybourne.

“I just thought he needed something and I offered him a place to stay,” Wagstaff said.

He said he took a chance on Claybourne because he, too, had been in situations where a stranger helped him for no canada goose coats on sale reason.

“I have this weird thing, where buy canada goose jacket cheap I see the good in everybody all canada goose uk outlet the time,” Wagstaff said.

“It usually works out, and sometimes I get burned, but with canada goose Ceeb I never got burned and ended up with a strange but canadian goose jacket lifelong friend.”

Claybourne said getting involved in Fredericton’s hip hop community allowed him to make connections, which in turn allowed his career to flourish.

Giving back

Claybourne said he gets goose bumps when canada goose store he thinks about his life up to this point and the fact he’s now helping those who helped him.

He hosted Canada Goose Coats On Sale a fundraiser Thursday night, called “We Do For We,” to raise money and collect food Canada Goose Outlet and clothing donations for the men’s shelter and soup kitchen he relied on when he was homeless.

“For me it’s inspiring,” said Claybourne.

It’s not just shelters Claybourne hopes to help. He also wants to give back to the art form that saved his canada goose clearance life by being a role model for up and coming rappers.