definition of greyish

It was a species of the Sterna nilotica, peculiar to Egypt; its beak is black, head grey and pointed, the eye surrounded by white spots, 2018 canada goose outlet the back, wings, and tail of a greyish colour, the belly canada goose outlet toronto factory and throat white, and claws red. View in context

Snow began to fall an hour canada goose clearance after they started, a fine snow, Canada Goose Online however, Canada Goose Parka which happily could not obstruct the train; nothing could be seen from the windows but a vast, white sheet, against canada goose coats on sale which the smoke of the locomotive had a greyish aspect. View in context

Half way up canada goose replica was a square enclosure of some greyish stone, which I found subsequently was built partly canada goose coats of coral and partly of pumiceous lava. View in context

I woke with a start, and with an odd fancy that some greyish animal had just rushed out of the chamber. View in context

But, looking, I presently saw some thing stirring within the shadow: greyish billowy Canada Goose Jackets movements, one above another, and canada goose then two luminous disks like eyes. View canada goose store in context

It was the usual Canada Goose Coats On Sale collection of small oddments: bits of cloth, quack medicines, cheap fairings, a clothful of atta greyish, rough ground native flour twists of down country tobacco, tawdry pipe stems, and a packet of curry stuff, all wrapped in. View in context

But on the pillars Seraph eyes have seen The dimness of this world : that greyish green That Nature loves Canada Goose sale the best for canada goose outlet store locations Beauty’s grave Lurk’d in each cornice, canadian goose jacket round each architrave canada goose deals And every sculptur’d cherub thereabout That from his marble dwelling peerd out Seem’d Canada Goose Outlet earthly in the shadow of his niche Achaian statues in a world so rich? View in context

Her gloves were greyish and were worn through at the right forefinger. View in context

They entered a wooded avenue between two fences of thin Canada Goose online greyish wood, such as often enclose parks or gardens, and over the top of which the canada goose dark trees tossed to and fro like black and purple plumes upon the hearse of a giant. View in context

The clock ticked above the dresser, a piece of charred wood fell now and then in the stove, and the faint sharp scent of the geraniums mingled with the odour of Ethan’s smoke, which began to throw a blue haze about the lamp and to hang its greyish cobwebs in the shadowy cheap Canada Goose corners of the room. View in context

Against the uniform sheet of snow and the greyish winter sky buy canada goose jacket the Italian villa loomed up rather grimly; even in summer it kept its distance, and canada goose clearance sale the boldest coleus bed had never ventured nearer than thirty feet from its awful buy canada goose jacket cheap front. View in canada goose black friday sale context.